10 Ways To Save On Summer Travel

Photo by Kong Jun on Unsplash

#1 Consider Buying Two One-Way Tickets Instead Of A Round Trip

#2 Check Several Departing And Returning Days In Your Airfare Scenario

#3 Always Consider Multiple Departing And Arrival Airports

#4 Compare Single Hotel Night Rates Against Multiple Day Purchases

#5 Always Compare Airbnb Rates To Hotels

#6 Use A Proxy Server Or Incognito Browser To Shop For Online Travel

#7 Shop Directly At The Airline Website Before Making The Final Purchase From A Travel Site

#8 Always Ask About Discounts If You Are An AARP Or AAA Member

#9 Volunteer To Be Bumped From Your Flight For Free Airfare

#10 Always Compare Offsite Rental Car Rates To Airport Location Rates

Bonus Tip: Avoid Baggage Fees By Shipping Your Clothes Through The Mail Instead Of Checking Luggage

James L. Paris is the host of Jim Paris Live and author of 32 books, including The 90 Minute Bitcoin Quick Start. Editor In Chief Of ChristianMoney.com.

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