4 Ways Virtual Reality Can Save You Money

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Not being a gamer, I am a little late to the world of virtual reality. I purchased the Oculus Quest 2 about ten days ago and have been amazed at all of the non-gaming features. As a financial writer, I thought I would approach my review from the perspective of saving money. Yes, VR can save you money — use the information below as your sales pitch to get your skeptical spouse on board!

1. Quit Your Gym

There are hundreds of fitness apps that can replace aerobic exercise classes. While I am not a gamer, the idea of boxing or sword fighting for thirty minutes in place of a cardio class at the gym sounds like a lot of fun. Many of the fitness apps are free, while others have a one time cost or modest monthly subscriptions. There are some very interesting options, such as live virtual workouts and exercise classes in exotic VR locations around the world. If you are not feeling it today, get motivated by doing your workout on a beach in Hawaii! Here is an article with more details on Oculus fitness apps.

2. Virtual Travel

In the last week I have virtually traveled to Tokyo, New York, Italy, Boston, and China — all from my couch. If you love to travel, you will quickly fall in love with this feature. Of course, presently with all of the Covid-19 restrictions, international travel is a major hassle. I think it is a stretch to claim that this would replace actual travel. But, it is an efficient way to preview hundreds of destinations before you spend your hard earned money on a vacation you may not like. Many travelers use YouTube to review potential travel destinations, but VR takes things to a new level. I mean, I actually took a gondola ride in Venice, Italy from my couch!

3. Skip The Movies

I have a large 4K TV but I still love that big screen movie theater experience. Most people do not know that Oculus has a virtual movie theater feature. This will absolutely blow your mind. You are transported to a beautiful movie theater with the perfect center seat, and you pick the movie. This feature links to Netflix and Amazon Prime. Once your accounts are connected, you can watch your movies and favorite TV shows in your own virtual theater.

4. Virtual Therapy

If you suffer from PTSD, anxiety, or just everyday stress, you will love the wide range of apps that help in treating these conditions. In fact, ‘VR therapy’ is being used in medical settings to treat a wide array of psychological disorders, including phobias. Check out this article from Scientific American — Virtual Reality Might Be The Next Big Thing For Mental Health.

It took me a few hours to learn how to use the Oculus Quest 2, but now I can just slip it on and embark on my next adventure right away. I have yet to explore the ‘social features’ of VR. You can get together with friends and family virtually to play chess, watch movies together, or host a party. Businesses are even conducting meetings and seminars now in VR!

One last point — I am blind in one eye and wondered if the headset would work for me. I assumed there might be issues, but it works perfectly. There is even a way to wear glasses with the VR headset.




James L. Paris is the host of Jim Paris Live and author of 32 books, including The 90 Minute Bitcoin Quick Start. Editor In Chief Of ChristianMoney.com.

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James L. Paris

James L. Paris

James L. Paris is the host of Jim Paris Live and author of 32 books, including The 90 Minute Bitcoin Quick Start. Editor In Chief Of ChristianMoney.com.

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