7 Insider Tips For Post-Covid Travel This Summer

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This summer might be huge for the travel industry, but the jury is still out on just how big of a season it will be. Cruises are back, Broadway is opening, and Europe welcomes Americans again! Here are 7 insider tips for post-Covid travel.

#1 Book Your Rental Car Early Or Skip It Altogether

There is a shortage of new cars coming off the production lines because of a worldwide scarcity of computer chips. As a result, rental car agencies have fewer cars available than usual, and prices are spiking. The best move here is to select a vacation destination that won’t require a rental car. Otherwise, book as soon as possible to avoid astronomical rates.

#2 Book Airfare Early While Prices Are Still Low

Airfare deals are plentiful, but experts are not sure how long they will last. Most bargain fares can be locked in several months in advance, but If we see a spike in summer travel don’t expect these deals to last.

#3 Lock In Your Hotel Now

Just as with airfare, hotel deals are there to be had but may not last long. If we see a strong first week or two of summer travel, expect a spike in room rates for popular destinations.

#4 Consider Cruising

Cruises are back and there are some great deals, but be sure to note the mask policies before making your final decision. While mask policies are changing, cruise lines will require masks while indoors aboard ship (exceptions are your own stateroom and while eating).

#5 Look At Europe

Most of Europe will be open to Americans that have been vaccinated and there are an abundance of deals on airfare, hotels, and packages. But under the current circumstances, it makes sense to protect your trip with a travel insurance policy that covers pandemic related cancelations.

#6 Amtrak Is On Sale

Amtrak has several deals going, including their popular Rail Pass. One major issue to consider is their mask policy. Presently, masks are required at all times inside the train or terminal unless you are eating. This could be a big ask based on some of the trip lengths (Florida to New York 22 hours!).

#7 Know What Is Open Before You Go

While Broadway, museums, and many other attractions are reopening, be sure and do your homework before making your final plans. Whatever your itinerary, make some phone calls to find out what all will be open and any limitations. Remember, even if the attractions and venues you plan to visit are in operation this summer, they may have limited capacity (so advanced ticketing and reservations are a must).




James L. Paris is the host of Jim Paris Live and author of 32 books, including The 90 Minute Bitcoin Quick Start. Editor In Chief Of ChristianMoney.com.

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James L. Paris

James L. Paris

James L. Paris is the host of Jim Paris Live and author of 32 books, including The 90 Minute Bitcoin Quick Start. Editor In Chief Of ChristianMoney.com.

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