Did Jeffrey Epstein Invent Bitcoin? What Secrets Are About To Be Revealed By Ghislaine Maxwell?

With the arrest this week of Ghislaine Maxwell, the secrets Jeffrey Epstein took to his grave may finally be revealed. An international man of mystery, a math genius, he was associated with both MIT scientists and the likes of Bill Gates and Stephen Hawking. My personal question: Did he own Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency? I think it would be more than reasonable to expect cryptocurrency to have been within his wheelhouse. Heck, with his math background and science connections I have even considered the prospect that he was involved with the creation of Bitcoin.

Other than Epstein saying ‘Bitcoin is bursting with potential’ in October 2017, I can not find any public comments about Bitcoin or cryptocurrency. Perhaps this is the biggest clue yet that he may have been a crypto investor. If you were hiding money in cryptocurrency you wouldn’t go around talking about it. And there is still no rational explanation regarding how he garnered the half a billion in wealth detailed in probate court records.

The financial mystery continued when former Epstein associate Ghislaine Maxwell anonymously purchased a 156 acre New Hampshire compound in December 2019. The purchase was made public this week after the FBI took Maxwell into custody on sex trafficking charges that could put her in prison for the rest of her life. The estate was purchased for $1.07 million dollars by Granite Realty, LLC. Prosecutors say that the limited liability company was for anonymity, allowing Maxwell to keep her name off any records of ownership (by paying cash, the deal could be closed quietly with no one connecting her to the property). On 156 acres in a town of just 1,600 people, this may have been a better hideout than the Batcave.

Even after studying at the feet of a master of financial secrecy such as Epstein, there still is the U.S. Bank Secrecy Act to contend with (cash transactions over $10,000 must be reported to the U.S. Treasury Department). No one is suggesting that actual cash was used to acquire the New Hampshire property, but even wiring a million dollars could trigger a red flag. We know from this transaction that Maxwell likely has enormous financial resources of her own and knows how to keep it off of the radar of law enforcement. While there were reports of Maxwell being ‘on the lam’ for more than a year, we don’t really know whether she was eluding the FBI or if they had their own reasons for waiting until now to make the arrest.

I still go back to the 1974 wisdom of Watergate investigators that said, ‘Follow The Money.’ The entire Jeffrey Epstein vault of secrets is undoubtedly tied to the source of his wealth. Included in the mysteries surrounding Epstein is the 2008 sweetheart deal made with Florida prosecutors.

Ghislaine Maxwell will have no other choice but to make a deal with prosecutors herself. That plea agreement would undoubtedly include naming names and implicating hundreds of ‘elites’ including politicians, business leaders, and even royalty. It would also require disgorging any proceeds from her alleged crimes. It would be surprising if law enforcement does not ultimately uncover a treasure trove of cryptocurrency as part of Epstein’s scheme.



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