Earn Residual Income Renting Storage Space In Your Home

Americans have too much stuff! Who can argue with that? Self storage is a $40 billion dollar per year business. If you have ever rented space at one of these facilities, you know it is not cheap. Even a small 10 x 10 unit can cost $100 or more per month. The price skyrockets when you consider storing larger items such as RVs, boats, or automobiles.

The New Opportunity In Peer To Peer Storage Space Rental

Cutting out the big box rental facilities, so called peer-to-peer storage apps are connecting people with available space in their home with those needing storage. A garage, an unused bedroom, a basement, a driveway, backyard, or a shed, can now easily be converted into a monthly cash flow. The mother lode is in RV and boat storage (for those without neighborhood restrictions).

Advantages Of Renting Through An App

While you could certainly go it alone, most people prefer to use one of the popular peer-to-peer storage apps to arrange their rentals. The top names in this niche include Neighbor, Stashii, Store At My House, and iStoreit. Operating through a peer-to-peer platform brings with it a number of safeguards. Renters are screened, insurance is provided, and you can get assistance with problems such as late payments. The transaction fees are modest, and well worth it for the streamlined process and turnkey benefits. These apps are becoming increasingly popular for renters as the cost is considerably less than traditional storage facilities.

How Much Money Can You Earn?

If you list a parking space for a car, RV, or boat, the earnings can be thousands of dollars over the course of a year. Even a smaller space rented by a student during summer break can net $50 or more per month. To get an idea of what the earning potential is for your space, check out the websites listed above to review ads for your area.

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