Get Paid To Take An Epic American Road Trip

A nationwide road trip is an American rite of passage. If you have the time, a driving trip provides the opportunity to see the country up close and personal. You can even take in those odd local attractions, such as the World’s Largest Ball Of Twine in Cawker City, Kansas. One way to make that road trip happen is as a driveaway driver. The idea is simple; you get paid to move a car or RV from point A to point B. A typical scenario: Bill and Mary are moving from Florida to New York. Mary will drive one of the family vehicles and Bill follows in the moving truck. That leaves one of the cars stranded back in New York. They could hire an expensive vehicle transport service, but they risk damage to their car from it being loaded on a multi-vehicle trailer. So, they pay for the vehicle to be driven from New York to Florida. In most cases it will cost less money and their car will arrive sooner. Another scenario is an RV manufacturer that needs to deliver a new motorhome from their Indiana factory to a buyer in Oregon. Nothing like getting to drive a brand spanking new RV right off the production line! Other vehicles you could end up relocating include ambulances, custom vans, and even box trucks (all non CDL vehicles). You only need a CDL (commercial driver’s license) for larger commercial vehicles such as buses or eighteen-wheelers.

A simple Google search for ‘Driveaway Driver’ will bring up quite a lengthy list of companies to consider. Typical pay is about $500 to $1,000 per trip plus expenses.

Basic Requirements:

  • Driver’s License
  • Good Driving Record
  • Age 23 to 75
  • In some cases you will be required to attend an orientation (which can many times be completed online)

What About Insurance?

Most companies have a master liability insurance policy that would cover any damage to the vehicle, but it is an important question to ask when considering your options.

Other Considerations

Be sure and run the numbers before you agree to your first driveaway gig. Don’t forget to account for expenses such as food, hotels, and the cost of your return trip home.



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