Incredible Deals On Used Cars As Rental Agencies Dump Their Inventory At Fire Sale Prices

Another victim of the economic fallout from the shutdown is Hertz Rental Car. The iconic American company has been in the car rental business since 1918. If you are old enough, you might even remember celebrity spokesman O.J. Simpson running through airports in its commercials. While it came as a shock to the financial community, it really was no surprise that Hertz filed for bankruptcy. The company plans to continue to operate after restructuring its debts.

While it is a standard practice for rental car companies to sell their vehicles after a couple of years, due to the bankruptcy Hertz is unloading more than 80% of its fleet. This means incredible deals for consumers. I decided to kick the tires and look at the inventory available here in Central Florida. There is an ample supply of solid looking cars well below $10,000.

The idea of buying a car used as a rental has mixed reviews among experts. While there is no question that these vehicles probably endure more brutal use than a family car, they are kept on rigid maintenance schedules with frequent oil changes. My advice would be to look for lower mileage options within your price range. If you are looking for a bargain, the sweet spot would be a vehicle priced below $10,000 with less than 50,000 miles of use.

Other Details On The Hertz Used Car Sale

There are more than 75 Hertz sales locations nationwide.

Use the Hertz website to do your shopping online.

No need to worry about negotiating as all prices are ‘no haggle.’

Ask about free delivery (within 75 miles) and a take home trial (a great chance to have your mechanic check out the vehicle).

Just like a standard dealership, you can trade in your vehicle and even obtain financing (although a local bank or credit union would likely offer a better interest rate).

It’s Not Just Hertz Selling Cars…

Both Enterprise and Avis have robust sales operations of their own, and you can be sure that there will be stiff competition for the limited pool of potential buyers during this economic slump.

James L. Paris is the host of Jim Paris Live and author of 32 books, including The 90 Minute Bitcoin Quick Start. Editor In Chief Of

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