I Saved 30% On My Auto Insurance By Joining A Farm Bureau And I Am Not A Farmer

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Photo by Jed Owen on Unsplash

My wife and I have become increasingly frustrated at the rising cost of our auto insurance. We live in Florida, and all forms of insurance here are becoming more expensive because of the explosion in population.

I stumbled across an article that listed Florida Farm Bureau as the best value for auto insurance in my state. I had honestly never heard of the company, but I hit the computer and found the phone number for the local office. I got a quick price quote over the phone, which offered a savings of over 30% from my current rate!

The agent explained, however, that in order to purchase the insurance I had to be a member of the Farm Bureau. Well, I am not a farmer (I can’t even keep my small garden alive), so I thought I was out of luck. The good news was that I could become a member for $50 a year and anyone could join.

After my wife returned home from work I gave her all the details and we decided to jump on the offer right away. She drove to their office to pay the membership fee and sign up for the insurance. She laughed and said they even had peanuts and other produce for sale at their office. Not sure I have ever bought peanuts from my insurance agent, but it was a confirmation that they are a legit farmers’ organization!

Because the price was so good, we kept thinking there would be some kind of catch. Everything worked out, and we have had the coverage for 18 months now. To connect with the affiliate in your state, just do a Google search Your State + Farm Bureau. They also offer homeowners insurance in most states as well.

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