More Than 150 Free TV Channels Were Included With My New 4K Television (Cord Cutter Update)

I was a bit confused but pleasantly surprised when setting up my new 4K TV to see a built-in app called Samsung TV Plus. After clicking on the app I was amazed to see a scrolling menu with over 150 channels (many broadcasting in 4K). Not a free trial — these channels are included and free forever (Samsung TV or device required). Many channels have commercials, but those of you paying for cable TV also have ads on top of shelling out $75 or more per month, right?

If you don’t have a Samsung TV, there is a growing list of apps offering hundreds of free channels (compatible with Roku and similar devices). My latest list includes Crackle, Tubi TV, Pluto TV, NewsOn, Funny or Die, PBS Kids, Xumo, IMDB TV, and Peacock (my favorite in recent months has been Pluto TV). I am an early adopter of cord-cutting, dropping cable TV more than 7 years ago.

Why I Upgraded To 4K?

What is it? 4K is also known as Ultra High Definition TV. 4K means that your screen resolution is four times that of HDTV.

The latest stats are that about one third of Americans now have a 4K TV in their home. I heard all the hype years ago when 4K first became available, but I have been happy with my HDTV until the picture started going out last week. The early knock on 4K was not about the technology, but the limited number of programs being produced for the format. Today, 4K is widely available and has become a mainstream format.

My first evening of watching 4K was an adjustment! I took it for a test drive pulling up one of my favorite shows on Netflix. I was so distracted by the breathtaking resolution I lost track of the plot and had to watch the episode over again. I had the sensation that I was looking through a window, not watching TV. The actors appeared as if they were right in front of me. One scene with a helicopter looked as if it is was flying outside the screen!

Cost To Move Up To 4K?

I went with a 50 inch Samsung that I bought online for under $500. There are lower prices out there available with lesser known brands, but I paid a little more for a model with the highest reviews. With the apparent death of the movie theater, 4K TV is a great option and they are more affordable than ever.

No Set Top Box Needed

Another surprise was that my new smart TV does not require a set top box. I have been a Roku user for years, but don’t need it now. All the apps are installed directly in the TV. These new 4K smart TVs take cord-cutting to an Olympic level. No more good excuses left to keep paying that hefty monthly cable TV bill.



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